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A new internet?

What can we expect from innovations concerning internet itself in the coming years?

Soon covering the entire earth with availability the internet has evolved into something every human being is dependent on. From a work aspect to socializing, it's a normal part of a humans daily rutine. How we reach each other, contact help, fall in love, follow the news and bring new innovations to life.

How is it evolving?

The internet has involved into something that’s ever evolving and changing. It has no limitations and is in constant change. But is this the internett or just it contents? The internet as we know has its boundaries and limits. That's why security plays a big part of it. How we receive and send data is not always done safely, and that is one of the biggest flaws of todays internet. This is a problem many players are trying to solve. How? By increasing the speed limits so high that hackers sniffing the data on its path wont be able to reach it. Of course this won’t apply for security like social hacking, but open networks on cafeterias etc could be completely safe.

Security is the biggest flaw

One of the most promising unhackable internets is the «quantum internet». At Delft University of Technology, a team lead by Stephanie Wehner, is building a network connecting four cities in Netherlands by quantum technology. How they will do it requires a lot of expertise to explain, but to mention the basics it consists of entangled photons that can’t be read without disrupting the content. Wehner’s team have already accomplished 1.5 kilometers and are working on creating repeaters that can distribute the network further just like in a normal housing. They expect that the network can be finished by the end of the decade.

Availability boost

Another aspect that will get a significant boost the coming year is the availability. One of the frontrunners is Elon Musk with his ‘Starlink’ project. About five years ago everyone laughed at Elon’s plan of launching more than 10 000 satellites in orbit. The satellites would provide internet access from every corner at the world on a normal subscription basis. Last year Starlink got 12.000 satellites approved by the FCC. In the meantime the project has also evolved where the satellites are getting more advanced. At the moment they are able to adjust wave concentration. Meaning that it can distribute more power to specific areas when needed. This might come in handy when there’s a big event like a soccer match. The expected latency is way lower than today and almost all companies involving stock exchange would need to use it to not fall behind. It will be exciting to follow their development in the coming year.

Hopefully there’s been some knowledge in this information about the internet itself and what changes we can expect in the years to come.

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