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What is 5G and how will it impact our lives?

What is 5G and how can it change tomorrow?

Last year provided lots of talk about 5G, what provider the government should use, the uncertainty surrounding Huawei, what it is and what it does. In the following sections we will try to give our view on 5G and how it can change the daily operations for companies and at the same time us as normal users.

What is the big difference?

A normal person would think its like the difference between 3G and 4G, some people doesn’t think of it like a change of all. The change is just so intense compared. 5G is able to leverage three different radio spectrums, where the highest is the millimeter-wave. This wave is predicted to provide between 1.8GB and 20 GB data per second. To put in in perspective it’s about 5-30x faster connectivity than your phone has right now. But that’s not all, since its using all three spectrums up to 100x more devices will be able to connect with a single antenna simultaneously. The top speed you are able to reach is also expected to be 10-100x faster than today.

What does all this mean for a normal phone? When you have a network this sophisticated, a phones storage, boost and high gear might be unnecessary, because the web-transfer can handle the task previously done by the phone itself. This might lead to a new generation of phones where the design itself must be reevaluated.

Does it only affect your phone?

The obvious answer is no, it affects way more than just your phone. The low latency on the 5G network provides endless opportunities. Take the entertainment business for example. Instead of going to a stand up show, imagine streaming it live to your tv without any loading and top quality. Followed up by front-row seats to a concert.

Another industry worth mention are medical services. The low latency could provide new ways to use medical equipment like small robots, surgical equipment and the surgery itself. If remote controlled equipment would be used for the surgery would you really need a doctor from your own country to be in control?

Self maintained machines will also be receiving a great boost. Ever been on a train station looking at one of those machines and bought some goods? The chance is big that to get your grocery it took a while, with 5G it will be done in no time.

To summarize

In the years to come we can expect some big changes accompanying the 5G. Innovations and our inception of things might drastically change. Not only in how we use things, but also for manufacturers and how they design their products. We can’t wait to follow the industries reaction.

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