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Work efficiently from home

Oppdatert: 6. apr. 2020

The past weeks has been a life-changer. Family and work is brought together. Some companies are struggling by the lack in economics and how to keep their daily operations running. To lend a helping hand, we have created this article to describe some of the technology we have been using to be able to work remote.


Tools can make a home office provide great options for collaboration. Which tool to chose depends on your company size, by the number of users and what functionality it should contain.

Video conference

  1. Microsoft Teams: Lots of opportunities for video conference, file sharing/storage, workplace chats and the option to add your own integrations (Sales statistics, usage etc).

  2. Zoom: Great video conference tool, and free to use for meetings under 45 mins.

  3. Skype: Skype or Skype for Business are well known due the years. Worth to mention that Skype is owned by Microsoft so of course teams have more advanced and stable capabilities.

  4. Google Hangouts: A free video conference tool which is easy to use if you have a Google account. Google also provides similar services with Meets and Duo.

  5. FreeConference: As the name implies it's free. Super simple to use, but maximum attenders in a meeting is 5 (after that the price is drastically increasing) so this is primarily for smaller companies (like us).


Sharing work is essential throughout the day. Doing it easy and safe even more so.

Filesharing tools:

  1. Dropbox Business: Known to most people and Business comes with more advanced features.

  2. Google Drive: Great tool for sharing and organizing files.

  3. WeTransfer: Easily upload and share large files. Free to use.

  4. OneDrive: Another great tool by Microsoft, and simple to use.

  5. Box: High on security, but comes with a price.


Communicating in a secure matter is very important working from home. Luckily there are many tools that provides great communicating channels with the security you need.

Chat tools:

  • Slack: A tool used by both small and big companies. Great for communication.

  • Hangouts: Googles chat application is simple to use.

  • Teams: Another way to use Microsofts communication bundle

To summarize don’t let remote work stop your business. All the necessary tools are available and at your disposal. For small businesses the available tools is often free and for larger companies the price is worth paying. These examples are just a small selection of what’s available out there.


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